Your Therapist - Keith Atkinson (B Comm Hons. S.N.H.S. Dip)

Keith specialises in neuropathic pain relief and has over 15 years experience including the provision of equipment, training and induction to NHS personnel and the private medical sector related to pain relief and regional anaesthesia.

He is uniquely qualified in the use of the Stimpod NMS 460 neuropathic unit and is also qualified to provide training on the unit to physiotherapists and other health professionals. His technique blends the identification and treatment of nerve pain sites, nerve pathways and trigger points.

Whilst his focus is to relief of neuropathic pain, he also holds diplomas in acupressure and reflexology. As Keith says “My aim is to relieve the pain, achieve body harmony and allow the body the chance to heal itself”.

Keith is a member of ICHM (The International College of Holistic Medicine).

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