"...this has been a life changing experience for me"

In 1986 I was electrocuted with 25,000 volts in a railway accident.

My left arm had to be amputated; the earth point for the electricity was via both my feet. Shortly after my accident I received numerous skin grafts to my feet followed by several operations to try and alleviate some of the pain.

Over the next 27 years the pain became increasingly unbearable, even with prescribed medications on a daily basis. I was recommended the Horsham Nerve Pain Practice by a friend who she achieved ‘amazing’ results.

Careful Questioning

Over the phone Keith was very honest with me, explained the treatment but indicated he couldn’t guarantee success. On the 10th October I arrived at Keith’s clinic for my treatment, anxious and excited. Through questioning, Keith identified several sites where I experienced the worst pain and discomfort in both my feet.

Being treated using the Stimpod machine wasn’t uncomfortable; I felt the thumping/throbbing sensations going through my feet and numbness around the areas where Keith was working.

Free from pain 

At the end of the treatment I couldn’t believe that an hour earlier my level of pain was approximately 9/10 and now I was absolutely pain free! As I was walking to the train station, I had tears welling-up at being free from the pain and suffering.

Some minor pain returned a few days later, but nowhere near as severe as it had been for so many years. I returned to Keith for another treatment and I can genuinely and honestly say that this has been a life changing experience for me.

I would highly recommend this treatment if you’re suffering from any nerve related pain. Keith has my permission to pass my telephone number on to anyone making enquiries about the benefits of this treatment and the authenticity of this statement.

James Macleod. November 2013

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