I'm so pleased with the outcome - Plantar Fasciitis

I am a widow of 81 years of age with several hobbies: walking, gardening and an occasional swim included in my lifestyle. Unfortunately during the past six months this has not been possible due to plantar fasciitis. I have used up three tubes of cream and gel and had a cortizone injection, prescribed by my doctor, which in my case did no good whatsoever.

I saw Keith Atkinson's article in the magazine "All about Horsham (AAH)" in which it was stated that the machine was used in St Thomas' Hospital and that the treatment could help. During the first consultation he explained to me how the treatment worked giving me a few minutes of it on my hand to show how it would feel and what was involved, with reassurance that it would become much better-and IT DID after three to four more sessions. I am so pleased with the outcome as I shall be able to continue with my "Positive Thoughts Action and Deed" motto-hopefully for another decade!

BW Horsham August 2012

This patient requested her testimonial be anonymous. She is elderly and did not wish her circle of friends to know of her ailment. She was happy to place the testimonial on the website and I decided to publish it as she is one of a few patients who have had stunning results for plantar fasciitis using the stimpod machine and external neuromodulation. The treatment entailed treating individual pain sites on the heel, behind the heel and on the calf muscle where she had an extremely tight muscle probably resulting in the stress on the plantar ligament. Her letter to me is printed in its entirety. Keith Atkinson

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