“I could return to racing completely pain free”

My name is James Cottrell, I am 24 years old, and ride for the UK based Hitachi Construction Machinery KTM team as a professional motocross rider.

Late 2013 I sustained an injury whilst racing, breaking my cuboid bone in my right foot. The bone healed up relatively quickly and normally but I was left with a lot of pain running across my foot and in my ankle.

The doctors I had seen told me it would be an 18 month recovery time before it would go back to normal. I did not have 18 months to wait and had to get back riding and deal with the pain, which made it very difficult while racing. By chance I came across Keith Atkinson and the 'external neuromodulation treatment". In just one 15-20 minute session, I walked out of the clinic 100% pain free. The pain did return within a few days, but I then repeated the procedure a couple more times and after 4 treatments in the space of a few weeks, my foot felt great and I could return to racing completely pain free.

Another Crash

Unfortunately in June 2014, I had another crash while testing a new race bike. I sustained a broken heel and aggravated my old nerve problem in my foot. Once I got the all clear on my heel being strong enough, I knew just the man to see to clear up the rest of the injury, Keith Atkinson. I have so far had one session which left me once again completely pain free, 10 or so weeks ahead of the initial recovery estimate from specialists, and able to resume training again. Like last time the pain has returned but nowhere near as bad, and I know one or two more sessions will be all I need to get back to normal and return to racing comfortably and relieved of the pain.

The treatment sessions are pretty short, 15/20 minutes or so, and I would be lying if I said they weren't a bit sore at times. However the way I see it, 15 minutes of discomfort for a pain free lifestyle, is a rather good deal.

I would like to thank Sportsmed East for all their efforts in getting me back on the bike, and introducing me to Keith Atkinson and his jaw dropping results with the neuromodulation treatment.

James suffered from chronic neuropathic pain, a situation where the original cause of the pain ie. The original break in the foot had healed but where he was left with a residual nerve pain that would not shift. The stimpod is used in various trigger point locations to completely break the pain cycle and I am optimistic of getting James back into a pain free condition soon.

Keith Atkinson July 2014

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