I was able to wiggle my toes...

I had been suffering with planter fasciitis for four years and was persuaded to have surgery.  This was two years ago and it failed to resolve the problem and I was left with nerve damage and numbness in my foot, plus the original pain was still there! It was having a really negative effect on my life.  I couldn't walk my dog for 10 minutes and was struggling to do my job.

I had been to see countless specialists (costing 10 times the amount Keith charges!) who couldn't offer me anything other than more surgery and lots of pain killers. My choices were either to be in constant pain or drowsy all the time from the pain medication.

After a particularly heated appointment where my pain management consultant recommended yet more steroid injections and a higher dose of medication, he reluctantly recommended I try Keith's clinic.

Like so many other reviewers I was sceptical when I arrived at the Horsham pain clinic. I shouldn't have been! It was fantastic!

The numbness in my foot was drastically reduced in the very first session and I was able to wiggle my toes, something I hadn't been able to do in two whole years!

I went back regularly and the results were amazing! My foot improved every time I went and I am now able to walk without being in constant pain and have completely stopped taking pain killers.

My advice. DON’T have surgery before seeing Keith, you may never need to and you'll save yourself the risk of complications. I wish I had done that.

I cannot recommend Keith highly enough!

Katie Lynch Oct 2015


Thank you Katie for your kind recommendation!

Katie's pain highlights the dangers of potential nerve damage associated with surgery. In her case her post operative pain was worse than prior to surgery and her ability to walk was severely curtailed. I'm really pleased with her progress. Using the stimpod on the nerves into the feet, she felt immediate pain relief and gained relatively normal sensations through to her toes. Her treatment programme was initaially once a week and now she only comes for routine follow ups once every 2 months.

Keith Atkinson Nov 2015

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