Knee Pain

“A 38 year old gentleman with a chronic history of patella-femoral dysfunction and pain was treated using the neuromodulation device.

Symptoms were known to be secondary to underlying patella femoral degenerative changes. Two years ago, the patient underwent arthroscopy and lateral release of the lateral structures. Since the patient had been reporting constant burning pain and a tingling sensation along the lateral aspect of the knee, near the site of the operation incision. The patient was non-specific as to the aggravating factors, only to report that his symptoms were particularly worse at night.

Neuropathic Pain

Clinical examination findings suggested a neuropathic component to his symptoms. Following a full explanation, the patient consented to treatment using the neuromodulation device. Treatment consisted of six sessions of localised stimulation for five minutes in line with the protocol set by St.Thomas’s Hospital for use of the device for treating neuropathic pain presentation.

Vas Score Results

"Post treatment, the patient reported a VAS score of 2/10 from an initial assessment VAS score of 8/10" The patient was asked to score his pain on the visual analogue scale (VAS) before treatment, immediately post treatment, five minutes after treatment and 30mins post treatment. Post treatment, the patient reported a VAS score of 2/10 from an initial assessment VAS score of 8/10. Of more significance was that patient’s report of reduced pain at night and improved sleep”.

Jonathan George MSc BSc (Hons) MMACP

Chartered Physiotherapist

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