I now have my life back on track..

I have suffered from pain in the inside of my right knee for the past two years. The original injury was a sprain, and the ligament subsequently tore a year later. I had numerous visits to both the doctors and different physiotherapists who could not understand why there was still such terrible pain after the injury had supposedly healed.

I tried a number of different treatments ranging from physio exercises to acupuncture but nothing provided long term pain relief. I happened to see an article about nerve pain in AAH (All about Horsham magazine) and decided to give it a try, although I was a little apprehensive. After the first treatment, I noticed a significant reduction in the amount of pain I normally had, and I was actually pain free for the first couple of days afterwards. The following two sessions saw the pain decrease dramatically and for the first time in two years I could walk to the shops without feeling pain or having to take medication. I am happy to say that this treatment has meant I now have my life back on track and I am able to play basketball and even restart my dance lessons; something which would have been impossible to consider two months ago!

Jo Marychurch Horsham August 2012

Comment: Jo was displaying chronic nerve pain. It seemed likely that her original knee injury had healed but she had some form of nerve pain cycle. The pain sites were in the medial aspect or inside of the right knee and running down the saphenous nerve. Initial treatment was on these pain sites as well as a location on the femoral nerve in the groin. Subsequent visits focussed on these sites again and less severe pain areas below the knee cap itself. She was pain free after the course of treatments.

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