“I was just so pleased to be pain free”

Marek Wysocki Marek Wysocki

My name is Marek Wysocki.  I am 59 years old and I live in Woodbridge and work locally as a gardener. Unfortunately I have had a long term injury with terrible pain in my shoulder and elbow. I have had this for over 2 years and it got to the stage where I was finding it difficult to do my work. I had tried physiotherapy and seen my GP and was told initially I had a frozen shoulder. This diagnosis was then changed to me having an impinged nerve in the shoulder and chronic tennis elbow. In December 2014, the pain had become so extreme I had to stop work. Another session of physiotherapy didn't change things.

I then read about the stimpod treatment for nerve pain and decided I would try Mr Atkinson's treatment. After the first session, to my amazement the pain eased back significantly and I actually did some work and maybe overdid it as there was still some shoulder pain although the tennis elbow felt fine. The second session was a week later and again after this session, all the nerve pain had gone and I was able to get full arm and shoulder movement. To be honest I was just so pleased to be pain free that I was scared to do anything to bring it back, so I only did very light work for the next few weeks.

It’s now April 2015 and I'm amazed that I'm still completely pain free and working hard again. I'm very grateful to Mr Atkinson for what he has done for me and have been telling all my friends to try the treatment for their aches and pains!



This client based in Suffolk is linked to the monthly clinics that I conduct in Ipswich. Whilst the most common pain condition treated is sciatica and back pain, neck and shoulders and associated arm pain is becoming more prevalent.  In the example below, the treatment required using the stimpod electrotherapy over the brachial plexus nerve system in the neck and shoulder and then working points down the nerve pathway in the deltoid muscle in the arm. Finally some points in the radial nerve in the elbow and lower arm were blocked to relieve the tennis elbow. It was very pleasing to see such a good result after only 2 sessions!

Keith Atkinson April 2015


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