Arthritic nerve pain

I suffered for about 20 years with very sharp shooting pains in my hands.

Keith has worked on my hands for about 2 years and with daily massaging by me gradually the pains have lessened.

For the first time this month I was able to report that my left hand had been free from the pains for 2 months and that those in the right hand had lessoned.

I am very active and am finding that my hands are getting stronger.

Thanks Keith.

Jean Grainger- Southwater

August 2017


Normally external neuromodulation is a very fast acting treatment with improvement seen in just a few sessions. However degeneration and osteoarthritic conditions can sometimes require longer term maintenance programs.This has been the case for Jean but importantly her debilitating shooting nerve pains have eased and she is able to do more household tasks with her hands. I'm currently seeing her for top ups every 4- 6 months.


Keith Atkinson

September 2017

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