At no other time have I received such a short course of treatment with such impactful results.

I am 40 years old and have since a young age suffered from an intermittent trapped nerve condition in my neck.

The symptoms of this condition being anything from acute, consistent pain in my arms, lasting for days/weeks on end, to full muscle wastage resulting in degeneration of the scapula and reduced muscle bulk to the latissimus dorsi [this has occurred on two separate occasions].

I have received consultation from leading orthopaedic surgeons and diagnosis from senior nerve conduction specialists on Harley Street, all of whom have been unsuccessful in recommending a specific course of treatment due to the complex nature of this injury type.

By chance I read about Keith in a local publication and with all other avenues exhausted, decided to try his Neuropathic Pain Relief therapy.  

After 3 sessions in close proximity with Keith, the existing pain in my arm [which had been there for weeks prior to my appointments and was showing no signs of subsiding] had totally disappeared. I was amazed. At no other time have I received such a short course of treatment with such impactful results.

It is because of this I am compelled to provide this endorsement, and happy to offer anyone considering Keith’s treatment my unreserved recommendation.

Rob Farmer, Horsham, November 2018. 


Rob had exhausted many avenues and was highly knowledgeable regarding his pain and how it was affecting him. His options were limited as invasive surgery in the cervical spine was something he wished to avoid. Using external neuromodulation (pulsed radio frequency) I worked on all the nerve pathways from the neck into the shoulder and down his affected arm. Even after one treatment Rob noticed a huge improvement and I was pleased to be able to discharge him after three sessions as he was pain free. 

Keith Atkinson January 2019

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