Five years of chronic pain

I am so pleased to say that in only five treatments, five years of chronic sciatic pain and muscular problems have dramatically improved to the point that my day to day life is almost back to normal.

Keith is the only person to really get to the root of my somewhat complex problems; recognising that my ITB (illiotibial band) was almost seized and rigid to the extent it was putting real stress on my hip. This had become extremely painful and inhibited walking even fairly short distances.

I'm not totally out of the woods, but the difference is night and day! I have also had relief from TMJ problems after only one treatment. I have had jaw pain since a tooth extraction a year ago, and it is now it is very much better.

I wholeheartedly recommend Keith not only for this excellent treatment but also for his calm reassuring manner and extensive knowledge.

Kind regards,

Karen Tether

Oct 2013

Clinical Comment

Karen had a combination of factors affecting her. Her buttock pain was felt initially to be exclusively a sciatic nerve but clearly her hip was also causing trouble with pain down her femoral and lateral cutaneous nerves in the thigh. Her illiotibial band muscle running down the side of her leg had also become unusually tight.

This neuromuscular scenario required both stimulation using the stimpod as well as massage to relax the ITB. In combination, Karen quickly enjoyed rapid relief and was able to walk normally again without the severe pain levels of the past. Her TMJ pain in the jaw required just one treatment with the stimpod in the pain area for the long standing pain cycle in the area to subside.

Keith Atkinson

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