"2 months after the final session, I am still pain free”.

My name is Chris Apps and I am a self employed bathroom fitter/builder living in Slinfold near Horsham. In 2011 I hurt my back doing a menial task at work and the pain developed to the extent that I was bed ridden for a long period and off work for 4 weeks. The pain was extreme in the lower right back and I also had pain in my right buttock and also shooting pains down my right leg.

I saw my physio and did various exercises and had manipulations but whilst there was some very short term pain relief, the pain actually worsened in time. I also saw my GP and there was a discussion that I have back surgery. Both my GP and myself were against this and he recommended that I just try and rest it.

The pain was at a very high level and I was made aware of Keith Atkinson and the Stimpod treatment. He talked me through the treatment and after the first session I felt an immediate improvement although the pain was still evident and particularly in the mornings when I got up.

My second session was a week later and whilst I had an immediate improvement in pain and flexibility, that night the pain returned again. However the following morning the relief was complete. I had no pain whatsoever!

That lasted throughout the week and by the time I had my final session my pain level was at a very low level and I had just had some stiffness. After the third session, the sciatic pain had completely gone and I had full mobility.

Throughout these 3 weeks and the 3 sessions, I had been able to get back to work, enjoy my golf and enjoy life which had been impossible before. Now, 2 months after the final session, I am still pain free. I still get the occasional bad day when some pain and stiffness returns, but I think this is natural for the type of work I do and soon wears off.

I am truly grateful for what Keith and the Stimpod treatment did for me.

Chris Apps Slinfold Feb 2012



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