"The sciatic pain was really unbearable!"

My name is Katrina Wrigley and for the last 2 years I was suffering from severe nerve pain mainly in the in the "sitting bone" area but also down the hamstring. I have 3 horses and compete regularly in affiliated show jumping competitions. The horses require a great deal of riding and exercise.

With this pain, the whole situation was becoming impossible and I turned to sports massage, and regular physiotherapy sessions including acupuncture for help. 

Unfortunately none of these options solved the problem and the pain was still quite severe. Like so many other riding friends and acquaintances who went down the operating route for their back pain, I was anticipating I would have to do the same and was looking to see a spinal consultant. Thank goodness I didn't!

Reading about how others with sciatic pain had been helped in the AAH magazine, I decided I would try Keith Atkinson's stimpod treatment.

Didn't hold out much hope...

I have to say I didn't hold out much hope as the sciatic pain was really unbearable and other treatments simply weren't working. However I was still reluctant to go down the surgery route and so decided to give it a go. At my first treatment in May this year, he explained the treatment in some detail and how he would pass current onto the nerve. Even after this first treatment, the relief was fantastic. I was able to walk normally and sit on the area without a problem.

He followed that up with 2 more treatments and at the end of those, all the pain was gone. As it's turned out, a month later following a situation of a great deal of riding and sitting, some of the pain returned but after some simple stretches, the pain eased away completely. I'm pleased to say that I'm back to normal, working and riding competitively and able to do all the various tasks I need to do to get through my day.

I'm really grateful to Keith Atkinson for his treatment and would urge others suffering from this type of back pain to try this treatment first rather than having surgery.

Tension Headaches

I have also decided to have the stimpod treatment for my tension headaches as Keith assures me it will help and after one session the tightness in my neck and shoulders has eased, so will be visiting Keith for another more intense session.

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