"After the treatment I stood up square with no pain at all!"

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My name is Evelyn Burnside. I was leading a very active life working and showing Bloodhounds, the daily exercise regime and the general maintenance of their environment is physically demanding.

My problems first started in February this year when I woke up with this horrendous pain. I could not stand, sit or drive properly; the pain was agonising and went down to my ankle. I went to see an osteopath for a couple of months which did help initially but then after a while any improvement levelled out.  Meanwhile I ended up being prescribed Naproxen at the maximum dose, then co-codamol but I was taking these as and when needed. In April the doctor referred me to an NHS physio which is the worst mistake that could have been made! After the physio treated me, the next day I was again in extreme pain and everything I did aggravated the problem. I could not exercise my dogs, and after competing with them in the show ring I was virtually crippled the next day. I was now crying as I was in so much pain, worse than when it had begun all those months ago. I couldn’t stand up in the mornings and was having to lay straight back down again until the painkillers gave me enough relief to stand.  My movement was minimal and very restricted; I ended up being off work, tripling the co-codamol which I was now taking daily and then the doctor added amitriptyline in to the mix! However I was still in agonising pain despite taking all of these prescribed drugs. I had been sent for an x-ray and had blood tests done, neither revealing any useful information. I literally did not know what to do next! I was very reluctant for anyone to touch my back again at this point after the horrendous experience with the physio.

Fortunately a friend of mine got in touch with me and insisted that I go and see Keith Atkinson after she had heard that I was suffering extreme sciatic pain. She herself had been to see Keith a couple of years ago. I looked up the Horsham Nerve Pain Clinic and saw that it was a three hour drive but I rang and luckily managed to get an appointment very quickly. I was desperate to try anything to rid me of this pain. I basically hobbled into his rooms in excruciating pain and could not stand properly.  After the treatment I stood up square with no pain at all! Keith explained that this probably would not last as he had struggled in some places to get the motor response that he required. However I was ecstatic at being able to stand up! The pain did return but to a lesser extent and I was able to move again which seemed just incredible to me. I was still taking prescribed painkillers but they were having an effect now. After his second treatment I had an important show booked and the next day I was expecting to be in a lot of pain as I probably overdid it a little. I wasn’t! This treatment is truly amazing! I have had a third treatment and my back seems to have settled a lot. I am now basically off the co-codamol and just taking the Naproxen. I am now at a place where I am leading a relatively normal life again. I cannot express in words how great this treatment is and what it has meant to me to be able to get back to what I do.

I would urge anyone to go and try this treatment; Keith has gone above and beyond to relieve my pain.

Evelyn Burnside (Taunton July 2015)

Evelyn’s sciatic pain was at the highest level where the pain transmits down the leg all the way to the ankle. With pain at this level and movement severely restricted, the prescribed exercises seem to just exacerbate her condition. Using the stimpod down the sciatic pathway, the nerve stimulation was initially poor but improved. She has had 3 treatments and requires a 1 month follow up.  It is encouraging to see that she is off amitriptyline and co-codamol and has returned to her active life again. Keith Atkinson July 2015

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