"...eradicated my pain in just 2 sessions"

I started having pain in my hip in July 2015, being 74 I thought perhaps I might eventually have to hip replacement.  In August whilst on holiday in Cornwall I was woken with excruciating pain down my leg from the hip to the ankle.  My ankle felt like it had a vice around it and painkillers did nothing to help.   Fortunately I was able to see a local GP who after examination confirmed that I had a trapped sciatic nerve and prescribed Naproxen and Co-codamol.

After my holiday still experiencing agonizing pain at night and not sleeping I saw my own GP.  He prescribed Amitriptyline and Co-codamol and suggested I see a Physiotherapist but there was a wait for an appointment.  A friend then recommended her Chiropractor who x-rayed my back, thankfully confirmed there was nothing sinister and agreed with the trapped nerve diagnosis.  However, after 12 sessions working on my back I still had no relief from the leg pain at night and couldn’t sleep.

I returned to my GP in desperation and he told me to stop the Chiropractic treatment and referred me to a pain clinic but there was a long waiting list!  While waiting for this appointment to come through my daughter read an article in the AAH magazine about a young woman who had experienced exactly the same pain as I was having and had been taking the same drugs.  She had been recommended to see Keith Atkinson at Horsham Nerve Clinic.  After the first treatment she felt less pain and after 2 more treatments she was able to lead a pain free life. 

On reading this article myself I immediately made an appointment to see Keith.  Within a few hours of my first appointment my pain was reduced and two days later I was pain free although my back still felt a little stiff and sore.  During my second appointment with Keith he concentrated on my back and the relief was noticeable almost immediately.  2 days after my second appointment I felt normal again. After 11 weeks of awful pain and horrible strong drugs Keith had put me right and eradicated my pain in just 2 sessions.  I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Judy Whittaker

Steyning, West Sussex

Nov 2015


The big advantage to external neuromodulation is that the treatment can give a very immediate effect and treatment programs on average are about 3 sessions. On occasions there can be more but often, as in the case of Judy a client can be pain free even after just 2 sessions . (I don't treat or charge if the client is pain free). Whilst Judy initially thought she may have a hip problem, the symptons were very clearly a typical sciatic issue with pain travelling down the nerve from the buttock to the ankle. It was pleasing to see how the treatment removed her pain and settled everything into place very quickly.

I am often asked how long the pain relief lasts? In the case of Judy, she remains pain free 15 months after treatment. If the nerve sits happily within the spinal space without been entrapped or inflamed then the person will remain pain free.

Keith Atkinson Feb 2017

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