I can say now that my Sciatica is GONE!

After years of worsening  leg pain, muscle, joint and bone aches, pins and needles in my feet, spasms and cramps (especially at night), difficulty walking any distance, getting up, sitting down, or even standing, Peripheral Neuropathy had finally been diagnosed. I was taking amitryptiline, topped up with co-codamol and codeine phosphate just to get through each day.

I started to feel that life wasn’t worth living. My basic mobility had deteriorated to the extent I could not manage the simplest everyday tasks, like bending to brush my teeth over the hand basin, or putting on my shoes. Walking to the post-box was out of the question, getting upstairs was like attempting Mt Everest! Sometimes I could only get up by going up on hands and knees.

Whilst the medication gave some slight respite, sciatica came back and had me in agony. I did not know how I could carry on. I felt humiliated and depressed. Every single thing was either difficult and painful, or just impossible.

I had always been active, fit and healthy. Working long hours as a consultant in high end mens fashion, I was always on the go travelling to appointments and attending fashion fairs here and abroad. Involved in volunteer charity work, I enjoyed helping people and had energy to spare. Newly retired, I had been looking forward to spending time with my wife, rambling, gardening, and travelling. A trip to France we planned with my grandsons, may as well have been a trip to Mars! None of it seemed possible at this point.

My wife saw the write up on Keith Atkinson and the Pain Clinic, and rang him for help. I was very reluctant and sceptical. When I spoke to Keith the first time, he was so calm and reassuring. I did not feel pressurised in any way. I was so desperate I thought seeing him was at least worth a try... things could certainly not be any worse!

Keith’s suggestion was to try and alleviate the pain by treating the sciatica nerve. What a revelation! After the first treatment using the pulsing current I felt immediate relief, and had more flexibility than for many months. I could actually get up after the treatment and walk to my car, instead of hobbling as when I had arrived.

After another treatment, I felt confident to undertake the trip to France... 2034 miles of driving and adventures (including a Go-Karting experience) were made possible by Keith and his treatment.

I am not entirely “cured”... yet. However the treatment and exercises, previously impossible, have now been effective. I can do so much more for myself once more, and continue to improve.

I have the greatest confidence in and respect for Keith, and the treatment he offers. His approach is to promise little - and deliver more. I am grateful beyond words. He has given me back my life.

Update February 2016

After a few more treatments I have been able to do additional exercise to support my progress. I can now say that my Sciatica is GONE!

Last month I achieved one of my personal goals. I walked from home with my wife into town, all around the shops, and back home, about 3 miles. This has been completely impossible for at least three years, as I had been reduced not so long ago to hanging onto the supermarket trolley just to hobble around getting any groceries.

I am so confident of the success of my treatment by Keith, that my wife and I plan a trip to New Zealand later this month. When you consider this involves a trip of 30 hours travelling time and 3 plane changes, you will appreciate the significance and concede my treatment has been a complete triumph!

Peter Stevenson

Horsham Feb 2016

Peter has made remarkable progress and whilst the treatment was able to take away his pain, his discipline in doing the appropriate exercises has also contributed to his long term improvement. Sciatica remains the most common condition treated in the Practice and the success rates are very high. I wish him and his wife Jeryl all the best on their trip to New Zealand.

Keith Atkinson

Feb 2016




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