"I no longer have any sciatic pain and my life is back to normal"

Filming above the artic circle in Norway Filming above the artic circle in Norway

I am a professional wildlife and nature photographer so I am constantly out in the countryside and as a consequence I keep myself pretty fit and active. 

In July 2015 I was in my garden vegetable plot, it was a beautiful, warm summer day and had been gardening for about two hours when I reached down to pick the hoe.  That’s all I did!  As I reached down for it I experienced a sharp pain in my lower back. It was a short, stabbing pain that then disappeared as quickly as it came. It was certainly something I had not experienced ever before.

Naturally I carried on gardening with no further ill effects or so I thought!  Later that evening I became aware of a dull ache in my lower back and in my left thigh.  That night I struggled to sleep and only did so with the aid of pain killers. 

The following day, (Sod’s Law), we were going away to meet with friends in the Cotswolds so were faced with a long drive from Henfield in Sussex.  I decided to drive so that my brain was occupied in the journey rather than on the discomfort I was experiencing.  We got there OK and I opted to sit in a comfortable armchair which was a relief from the car seat. The pleasure was short lived however because I could not get out of it!  The pain was intense and the only way I could stand up was by really pushing down hard on my knees.  Something was really wrong.  Strangely I had no effects once I was up and I could walk without any pain whatsoever. 

By the end of the holiday the pain had seemingly moved out of my back and was now in my left leg from the thigh down to the foot often accompanied by pins and needles.  I had been on naproxen but my GP diagnosed a trapped sciatic nerve and referred me to a physiotherapist.

The physio gave me a series of exercises to follow and by the end of November things had improved but I still had the pain and woke up every morning with intense pins and needles in my left foot.  I kept up with the exercises and whilst I had some better days, overall the pain and pins and needles wouldn’t shift.

Then by chance my wife picked up a copy of AAH Magazine and read about the Horsham Nerve Pain Practice. I made an appointment and went along and saw Keith Atkinson and had my first treatment.  It was a revelation.  To cut a long story short I had three more treatments and that’s it.  I no longer have any sciatic pain and my life is back to normal.  I have no hesitation in recommending Keith and his electro neuromodulation therapy to anyone experiencing the nerve pain I went through.

George McCarthy FRPS

Henfield March 2016


George had sciatic pain. Whether this was caused by a trapped nerve or by a condition known as piriformis syndrome, the treatment is the same which involves treating the sciatic nerve pathway with pulsing current and breaking the pain cycle. Very quickly George experienced relief and was able to be discharged pain free after 4 sessions.

Keith Atkinson March 2016

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