This pain was so bad I didn't know how to cope and even driving the car was impossible.

I have suffered for a number of years and being an HGV driver too hadn't helped me. During a bank holiday weekend, I suffered a very painful episode that lasted around two weeks which then got a whole lot worse.. 

I was in extreme pain, mainly in the lower back and also in my right buttock and my right groin. This pain was so bad I didn't know how to cope and even driving the car was impossible. I wasn't able to walk properly, stand straight or even sit for more than a few minutes.

In desperation, I contacted Keith's clinic and whilst he didn't promise he could help, he explained the nerves he was going to treat, and after three sessions, I was showing a big improvement.

I was able to get through the day without medication which had been Co-codamol, Diazepam, Amytriptalene and Tramadol. With Keith's expertise and guidance and after an MRI scan which confirmed Keith's suspicions (not 1 but 2 discs had bulged/slipped) the improvement continued.

After 2 more sessions, I was completely pain-free and even able to enjoy my favourite hobby riding my motorbike. I would also like to thank Keith for his help during the covid outbreak because if it wasn't for him, I'd not be back in work now.

Gavin Macfarlane Aug 2020

Gavin was in extreme pain and his walking posture was severely compromised when he came to see me in May. Using pulsed radio frequency on his right hand side I treated both his sciatic and femoral nerves as well as area surrounding the sacroiliac joint. In my opinion he was suffering from a severe nerve impingement and the MRI scan confirmed this. 3 weekly sessions brought about major improvement and 2 final sessions, spaced further apart enabled me to discharge him pain free.

Keith Atkinson Aug 2020

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