I have little or no pain in my arm…

Having suffered from Tennis Elbow for more than six months, with no sign of any improvement, I was concerned to find some sort of cure. After reading the article in AAH magazine about nerve pain, I contacted Keith and had my first treatment. Two weeks and two further treatments later I have little or no pain in my arm and I'm able to exercise the joint to help repair the damage.  


Gary Halford

Horsham West Sussex

Nov 2015


Gary approached me at the Practice suffering typical tennis elbow and to a lessor degree golfer's elbow. With tennis elbow the pain radiates down the radial nerve from the upper arm into the elbow joint and then over the top of the forearm. Golfer's elbow is on the underside of the arm affecting the ulna nerve. Treatment involved blocking the pain using extrenal neuromodulation in these two nerve pathways and once the pain had eased , Gary was given exercises to strengthen his forearm muscles. It is very pleasing to see Gary basically pain free after just 2 treatments. This would normally require somewhat longer but his response has been excellent.


Keith Atkinson

Nov 2015

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