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I had been in terrible leg pain both down the hamstring and also in the groin and the front thigh for 8 months and was simply going nowhere. Working with my GP I was given strong medication like naproxen and tramadol but nothing was able to shift it. Going through the NHS system I was eventually able to get an MRI scan which confirmed I had a prolapsed disc which was the cause of the awful nerve pain.

However to find a solution was not easy. I was dead against an operation as I was told that the risks were high and if it went wrong I could end up in a wheelchair. I was just not prepared to take that chance.

I work as support worker in a care home and one day a colleague came in and told me how she had visited Keith Atkinson at his clinic and had achieved amazing results for her sciatic pain. We sat down together over our tea break and she told me about it in more detail and I explored it further on the clinic website. I was struck by the fact that some leading hospitals were doing the treatment and it was safe and non-invasive. I felt I had nothing to lose so booked an appointment with Keith.

He explained the treatment and the nerve systems that were giving me the pain. I was amazed through all the treatments I had that no-one had mentioned these nerves before. I liked his calm manner and honest approach. He didn’t promise the world but gave me confidence that at last we might be on the right track. After the first treatment it felt a lot better but the pain returned and I needed a follow up appointment after about 4 days. After this treatment the relief was dramatic. All the terrible shooting pains down the leg and in the groin were gone. I still had some back pain but in follow up sessions these all disappeared as well. I look back at that time when I was in so much pain and still don’t understand how I managed to keep going at work. Now I’m completely pain free and don’t take any medications and am thoroughly enjoying life again. I can’t recommend Keith’s clinic highly enough for anyone with this sort of nerve pain.

Gina Maidment

Upper Beeding August 2017    

Gina’s prolapse disc is certainly the likely cause of the pain down the sciatic nerve as well as her pain in the groin which would be due to the entrapment of the femoral and lateral cutaneous nerves. All these nerves feed into the spine from L2 to L5 and were the likely cause of the debilitating pain. Using external neuromodulation I sent pulsing current onto all 3 nerve pathways and that resulted in reduced nerve inflammation. In addition Gina followed a small set of exercises to widen the nerve channel in the spine and to strengthen her core.  After just a few treatments the pain was eliminated completely.

 Keith Atkinson August 2017    

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