Neuropathic Pain Relief

stimpodThe main focus of the Practice is on the relief of neuropathic (nerve related) pain and as such the Practice is unique in its approach.

Using the Stimpod NMS 460 neuromodulation device, external neuromodulation (ENM) is a form of electrotherapy that is clinically tested in a leading NHS pain clinic to provide relief from chronic neuropathic pain. This is proving to be a breakthrough treatment and the Practice is currently the first facility in Horsham to offer this pain relief procedure for a wide range of neuropathic conditions. It is also currently the only private Practice in the UK offering specialised nerve related treatment.

The treatment and the device (previously called Neurotrace 111) featured in a clinical test at Guy's and Thomas' Hospital in London. 

For the clinical test results; click here.

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External Neuromodulation

What is it? How does it work? Can it help you?


Conditions Treated

Any neuropathic pain condition can be relieved using external neuromodulation.


Case Studies

How has treatment helped other people?

(All case studies are published with the consent of the individuals concerned. Video case studies are supplied courtesy Xavant technology, the supplier of the Stimpod NMS460 neuromodulation device)


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