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External Neuromodulation

External Neuromodulation is a breakthrough technique for neuropathic (nerve related) pain and is now available at the Practice.

Pain can fall into two categories, Nioceptive amd Neuropathic. Nioceptive pain is caused by tissue damage; a broken bone, a cut, a bruise.

Neuropathic Pain is caused by damage or disease that affects the nervous system. Sometimes there is no obvious source of pain, and this pain can occur spontaneously.

Neuropathic pain is described using words like ‘burning, prickling, tingling or shooting pains’.

As an example, striking the “funny bone” in the elbow elicits neuropathic pain. The treatment targets the nerves responsible for the pain. In so doing the nerve behaviour is altered and this normally relieves the pain.

The Practice uses the Stimpod NMS 460 neuromodulation machine, which is the only unit licensed in Europe for the relief of chronic, neuropathic pain relief.

The Nerve Pain Relief Practice is the first facility in Horsham to offer this treatment.


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